#86 – Woman Fourteen


Her body is a balloon floating across a warm pink sky.  She is peaceful and content observing the world from this distance but knows this cannot last forever.

Soon enough she is on the ground climbing an enormous wall made of a squishy mauve colored foam.  The material is spongy enough for her fingers to penetrate, dig into.

Repeatedly, she hoists her body up, grabs a handful of the squishy substance and pulls herself higher.  Partially attached to the flexible surface, her body sways with the curve of the porous plane.  It is not frightening at all.  She has come to understand in her body that this is how the material and gravity work together.

She’s been ascending for months now, perhaps longer and does not dare look down out of fear that she has made little to no progress.  However, with a certain ease, she continues scaling the endless dirty rose form.

She climbs until she can drift again.


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