#83 – Woman Eleven


Calmly, she moves down the narrow path and stands before the metal gate.

Her fingers lift the cold steel latch, while her hand easily pushes the door open.

She does not reflect upon how odd it is that this gate is unlocked, as her foot makes the first unsteady step past the threshold.  She is on the verge of a slow escape.

Barely free, a rush of city sound hits her face and body. Color and light feel foreign to her captured soul.  Alarmed by the cacophony, she stumbles and collapses to the gray stained sidewalk.

She glares up at the sun as if she’s noticing it for the first time. It beats down on her curled up form.

Moments pass before she finds strength to ground herself on hands and knees. She crawls away from the gate, like an injured animal.

Carefully following the stone wall, she inches her way down the city block.


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