#79 – Woman Seven


Wearing a dress of cobalt blue, she stands in a yellow and black tiled bathroom.

Her feet barely touch the ground and her eyes are closed.  She is dreaming of a pineapple.

She easily plucks a dusty green leaf out of the top, determining ripeness.  Taking a large flat knife from the wooden block, she chops off the top of the fruit releasing the aroma and the sticky sweet liquid.  Her delicate hand struggles to slice the pineapple in half.  Carefully, she shears off each rough brown textured side.

The juice has a silky quality.  Suddenly, the blade slips gashing her fingers, spilling blood over the yellow flesh.

She continues severing the hard and fibrous core from the meat of the pineapple.

The yellow fruit is sliced into thin delicate slivers, spotted with red and arranged on a light blue platter.

She floats up and out through the window of the yellow and black tiled bathroom.


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